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Разделы каталогаArhiivaРазделы каталога2013Разделы каталогаnumero 10Объекты каталогаKuoroja ympäri Karjalua yhtyy LaulujuhlihКомментарийRe: Kuoroja ympäri Karjalua yhtyy LaulujuhlihОсновные параметрыПоле H1Re: Kuoroja ympäri Karjalua yhtyy LaulujuhlihСвойства комментарияСообщениеFair play by Zal.. the thread was about gay<a href=""> mgaairre</a> and he provided a clip that illustrated Mitt Romney's position on gay<a href=""> mgaairre</a>. Anthony, I don't think it's a slam by Zaldonis, and I think MItt Romney handled the question as well as he possibly could.. if that's what Mitt believes I respect him for giving it to the guy straight rather than bullshitting him around for 10 minutes (like Obama would have done) and he gave the vet a pretty straightforward answer, albeit they disagreed.One thing I've been thinking about though, looking at the way Romney handled himself, he seemed a little bit uncomfortable and I think he realized pretty quickly into the conversation that he was screwed but he seemed like he was trying to work for a connection or common ground with the guy.. right off the bat the veteran established that they were the same age and that Romney was in college when he was serving in Vietnam so the dick measuring contest kind of started right there but I wonder it's because Romney is challenging the incumbent or of Romney is challenging Brand Obama that he is probably going to have to work a little harder to make those kinds of connections with people whereas Obama can play it lofty and aloof and people will act like they've interacted with a celebrity it boggles the mind.Дата публикацииFri, 26 Dec 2014 18:40:41 +0300Автор