Oma Mua

Ainehistoja livvinkarjalan murtehella

Разделы каталогаArhiivaРазделы каталога2013Разделы каталогаnumero 20 Объекты каталогаPerintehellini talouš КомментарийRe: Perintehellini talouš Основные параметрыПоле H1Re: Perintehellini talouš Свойства комментарияСообщениеAre you kidding me? Nobody knows about Karjalan Piirakkas. I <a href="">poetsd</a> a photo on Facebook of the potatoe ones I made a while back. I could seriously live on them. I'm guessing you're Finn, I knew we had a connection when I met you at Blend 2011, I was the photographer. Great recipe, thanks for sharing.Дата публикацииFri, 26 Dec 2014 18:47:21 +0300Автор